The Best Electronic Commerce Platforms – Comparison

//The Best Electronic Commerce Platforms – Comparison

The Best Electronic Commerce Platforms – Comparison

After having tested around one hundred and twenty electronic commerce platforms we have compiled a list of the absolute best electronic commerce platforms for you. This guide is all you need to determine what factors you need to consider and which of these platforms are best suited for your business.

Features, Flexibility, and Ease of Use

If you have just recently started your online business, there is nothing more important than finding an electronic commerce platform that offers a lot of features that are easy to use. A few of the simplest and best electronic commerce platforms that

  • Shopify

In terms of ease of use, shoplift takes the cake. If you used a different platform before, Shopify allows you to import products from your previous store by means of an automated link. It comes equipped with a simple dashboard that makes it really easy to customize your online storefront and to add products. Shopify offers a wide range of features and all of them are accessible from the main menu; no option is hidden. Above all, it is an extremely flexible platform that can accommodate any kind of online store that you want to launch.

  • Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce comes second to Shopify in terms of a clean dashboard and directions to create your online store. You can access all your products, orders and customer information with great ease as, much like Shopify, its features are categorized into a sidebar. Another great advantage it offers is that it allows you to input product information into categorized tabs instead of forcing you to add every little detail about the product on a single screen. Bigcommerce is an alternative to Shopify; however, if your sales grow too much, we wouldn’t recommend Bicommerce since it may become more expensive than Shopify.

  • Volusion

For first time users, Volusion offers a step by step wizard to guide you through the platform and help you get comfortable before you create your site. This feature comes in handy and allows users to understand exactly how to navigate the site and use it to its full potential. It is best suited for businesses that are just starting out and don’t have a large product range.

The Final Verdict

Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Volusion are without a doubt three of the best electronic commerce platforms for startup businesses but we rule in favor of Shopify for every type of online business.

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