Reasons Why You Should Opt For International Ecommerce Platforms

//Reasons Why You Should Opt For International Ecommerce Platforms

Reasons Why You Should Opt For International Ecommerce Platforms

The best part of shopping online is ability to purchase goods outside your own country. A study reports that 66% of customers now prefer to shop online, from which 40% had purchased products from another country. Being a retailer, this has never been a better time to start thinking about international ecommerce platforms and how to choose the right one.

Running an ecommerce store for local market is somewhat different than selling globally. Right now, your ecommerce site might be powered by one of the best ecommerce platforms 2018, but when you plan to export, you will rather require different features than that for local market. It is certain that your existing solution can’t handle operations internationally. This is why it is essential to optimize your ecommerce website to make it more appealing to potential customers globally.  Here are some major reasons why you should expand your business globally:

There is more demand of selling abroad

It is true and many studies have proven this fact. Even one study reports that international online sales have potential to grow sevenfold and will surpass domestic growth to contribute 40% of online sales by 2020. Now, many retailers are expanding their business and entering new markets to engage more customers and to expand their venture.

There is more Revenue

Every e-retailer wants more sales and traffic. And there are always new strategies and opportunities that they can execute to improve their revenue. Selling goods to international market is one of them. International ecommerce platforms make it easier than ever to sell globally by providing multiple payment methods, multi-currency methods, and by deploying multiple ecommerce sites.

Increases Exposure and Engage More Customers

Implying cross-border ecommerce will not only increase your business’ exposure but will be visible to more customers around the world.

Why retailers should opt for International ecommerce platform?

First-time retailers should always consider taking help from international ecommerce platforms like Shopify. This way, they will get an idea of how to cope up with challenges while shaping and delivering services. Such platforms will also help you identifying how to cater to specific needs of local markets. From country to country, buying behaviour of customers varies dramatically. Make sure you welcome them with costs in their currency. More than that, you must understand their shopping preferences and on-time delivery.


Expand your business. Go global.

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