Rules for Success Ecommerce Startups Must Follow

//Rules for Success Ecommerce Startups Must Follow

Rules for Success Ecommerce Startups Must Follow

Being a small business is not easy. There are a lot of challenges you must overcome. The world can be a hostile place when you are a small fish in a big pond. And that is how you are in most of the niches today. This holds true for E-commerce which is the up and coming niche of 2018. Why? Because the world, in general, is moving towards digital solutions in all aspects of business, whether it be marketing or transactions.

It is difficult to succeed as an E-commerce startup. It is easy to fail instead. How do you make sure that you are successful in your venture? Simple. Follow these rules.

Pick the best E-commerce platform for startups

The first thing that makes or breaks your E-commerce startup is the international E-commerce platforms you build your store on. Shopify is surely the best Ecommerce platform 2018 has to offer. However, options like BigCommmerce should also be in the consideration pool when conducting the E-commerce platforms comparison. Bottom line is, you need a sound platform for your store. This governs the quality of customer experience, customer support, and traffic as well.

Plan and then launch

We can’t stress enough about the importance of strategic planning in E-commerce startups. Marketing is an important aspect of any small business. This is because it generates buzz about the business, which in turn increases sales. However, before you launch your business, it is important to have a proper marketing strategy in place. Decide possible touchpoints. Think about how you will position your store and which segment of the population you will target.

Customize, Personalize, Tailor

Gone are the days when you could get away with providing the same monotonous experience to a mass audience. Now, each consumer is different from the other and wishes to be treated in the same way. For instance, if you usually use an online store for shopping for clothes, you would want to be directed directly to it. Also, you would want promo codes in the same category and not for categories like electronics. This is all part of the customization process. Personalize the experience and tailor it as per the need of customers.


Follow these three rules to the tee and you will notice that your business will be at a much better position to compete with the big fishes.

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